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How to Be Funny: Tips from Todd

Having that skill to make yourself happy and to make other people happy is definitely rewarding. Not only does it help you get through the rough times in your life, but it is also a skill that other people would love about you. Being funny comes out naturally. Yet, there are ways for you to find ways as to how you can be funny. Being funny has 6 important elements which you should work on.

1. Know what makes you laugh.
You may not notice it right away but for every humor or joke, there is a target. To have an effective joke, you need to make sure that you have the right target; it needs to be specific. You need to know what makes you laugh. People who are humorous would go for universal appeal to their audience.

Whether you are delivering a speech or it is a joke, there is always a need to appeal to emotions. You need to be able to build tension and anticipation among your audience. This is basically one of the reasons why the best and funny stunts from comedy actors are really effective. They simply know how to leverage emotion in such a way that they can engage with their audience and make them laugh.

2. Spend time with funny people
For you to be a funny person, you need to associate yourself with funny people. You get to learn so many things from them even by just observing. For instance, you can notice that when you spend time with funny people you get to practice the right timing as to when you should pull out a joke. The element of surprise is essential to make people laugh. It is when they are too serious and then suddenly you say a funny joke or antidote that they can relate too. The last thing you know they are already bursting out from laughing.

3. Watch funny movies
When you watch comedy shows, one of the things that you will notice among humorists/ comedy actors doing certain actions and delivering jokes is that mostly it is exaggerated. And this is one element for you to be funny. You need to tap on your wild imagination and bring out your creativity to make your audience laugh.

4. Read jokes
As with any skill, you need to practice and continuously learn. Humorists and comedy actors would read jokes, watch funny shows and be with a lot of different people where they can draw inspiration and come up with funny jokes. The Internet is a rich source for different materials that you can use to create your own funny jokes.

5. Realism and self-depreciation can work.
Almost all jokes that can make you laugh are the ones that say the real and bitter truth. In as much as you want your audience to be happy and appear funny, your jokes need to be realistic, something that they can associate and relate to. Some jokes can be quite harsh and yet people still laugh about them.

Humor is considered to be an effective antidote to our hostile feelings. Every person has hostility towards different things, people, experiences, etc. Some of the usual sources of hostility would include money, authority, family, technology and a whole lot more. Being able to play and be witty about these hostilities can make you an effective humorist.

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